The Chaste Man

Category: chastity

Duration: 8:00

I hope licking my pussy doesn't turn you on... for your own sake.I have a new "training" chastity belt for you, it will make you struggle, it may make you cry, it may even make your cock just give up and quit working all together... Who knows? The one thing I do know is that the training spiked chastity belt will get results and train you to be a proper chaste man. Even with the taste of my pussy on your face you will remain submissive and obedient, I will break you of your will as a man and mould you into the perfect chastity slave. You will sacrifice your own pleasure, your cock will remain chaste, locked away, you will be forced to withhold from orgasm in my presence.HD WMV 1280x720Also available in iPhone/Mobile HD Format

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