Busting His Slutty Balls

Category: ballbusting

Duration: 7:00

Mistress Michelle Lacey and Mistress Lydia Supremacy go to check on their slaves work in the dungeon. When they walk in they find that he is sleeping on the job; that's a big mistake at ClubDom. As they throw something down on the floor they startle their slave from his slumber. Mistress Michelle and Mistress Lydia then drag him out to the field as he struggles. Mistress Michelle and Mistress Lydia instruct this bitch to spread his legs and close his eyes. Kick after kick they destroy this bitches filth sacs. As their slave falls to the floor Mistress Michelle sits on his face as Mistress Lydia twist and turn his pathetic nuts and just when he cries for mercy thinking it's all over Mistress Lydia punches his inflamed balls one last time making this pathetic slave practically blackout.

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