Ball Kicking Game with the Gorgeous Mistress Kate!(WMV Full Hd 1080p Format)

Category: ballbusting

Duration: 8:00

Today Mistress Kate and I are going to play a game with the disgusting slave who stands naked before us. We`re going to take turns kicking him in the nuts, and if he can take the pain without falling over we`ll reward him by taking our clothes off. However, if at any point he falls down we`ll be keeping our clothes on! How well will this loser do? It`s time to find out as I start off the game by delivering three swift kicks to his delicate nuts with my red heels. He`s still standing, so I make good on my word and remove my shirt. Kate follows me by also kicking him three times directly in the sack but the dirty jerk still doesn`t fold and she removes her shirt as well. After a series of more brutal kicks the loser finally caves and falls to his knees but there are plenty of more kicks in store for him. Will he be able to rise to his feet and finally get both Kate and I naked? Find out in this brutal video!

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