TR - Under Their Heels (Trampling)

Category: trampling

Duration: 6:00

The beautiful Mistress XI loves to trample in heels. She makes her carpet lay down so she can walk on him and enjoy his moans of pain. She even spits in his mouth to give him enough moisture to lick the bottoms of her shoes. She makes him suck her heels like a cock. She also enjoys kicking him in the balls as she tramples his cock and balls. After a few minutes, Mistress Jasmine arrives and both of them enjoy giving high heel pain to their carpet. Mistress Jasmine and Mistress XI really look amazing in this scene. Be sure to check out the beautiful Mistress Xi at her Mistress XI web site. You can also check out more of the gorgeous Mistress Jasmine at her Vancouver Kinky Dominatrix clip store.

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