TP - Daily Morning Toilet Duties (Toilet Play)

Category: toilet slavery

Duration: 8:00

Nasty Graphic Toilet Talk, Ass Worship, Human Toilet Paper, Objectification, Toilet Slavery Mistress T is just waking up as the sun fills her room with light. It's morning time and we all know what that means. Time to go to the bathroom. But things are different in Mistress T's life. She avoids using a cold porcelain toilet and rough, dry toilet paper whenever she can. So she wakes her slave who spent the night on the floor beside her. She makes him get into position against her bed in preparation of his morning duties. Head back, and mouth wide open. He knows what to do. He's done it daily for quite some time now. Mistress T mounts his face and the rest we won't describe here. Let's just say if you are a toilet slave won't be able to keep your hands off your cock. When Mistress T is finished, her slave still has more work to do. He must lick her ass clean like the human toilet paper he is. Mistress T is quite pleased with his performance this morning so she decides to reward him with a hand job, an orgasm, and some post orgasm torture. You can see this amazing second part of the scene called "Ruined Orgasm for Toilet Slave" at Mistress T's clip store. (Click here to see the next part of this amazing scene.)

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