TP - Drink it All Toilet (Toilet Play)

Category: toilet slavery

Duration: 9:00

Goddess Holly comes rushing into the living room in desperation. She needs to p-e-e and she needs to p-e-e badly. Quickly she grabs a large crystal bowl and places it on the floor. She removes her jean shorts and panties and lowers herself over the bowl. She releases a torrent of golden nectar and the whole time she is talking about how she wants you to drink it all. She even holds up the bowl to your face so you can smell it and lap it up like a good toilet boy. Next you get to watch Mistress Kandy and Mistress Holly as they p-e-e buckets of nectar into the bathtub. Both of them release endless gushers that you will love to watch. How can they possibly hold so much? You would do anything to be under them right now. Open wide and drink it all toilet.

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