Twisted Taboo Family Pt 6 (Strap On)

Category: taboo

Duration: 8:00

Goddess Dava and her Daughter Halle have now compared notes and realize that Tony, Dava's new husband, Bradley her new stepson and Halle's new step brother are both pathetic Cuckold sluts who love being Dominated and controlled by woman. Halle blindfolds Bradley after catching him wearing his Mommys black silk stockings. She then sees his dicklett locked up in chastity telling him how hot and wet it is making her pussy. Halle says "you want to fuck your hott step sister don't you Bradley?" He replies "yes please." She breathes in his ear and licks his face and says "then trust me" as she writes in bright pink lipstick "Cum Slut" and "Looser" on chest. She calls her mom Dava into the room. Both woman are brandishing 12" pink and purple Strapon cocks and seduce Bradley. They make him lube up their hard cocks with his pretty little pink sissy slut mouth. Step Mommy bends him over and writes "Ass Whore" on his back then shoves her huge pink dick all the way in his man pussy. He lets out a moan. The ladies fuck him hard and long all the while making him tell them how much he loves big dick in his ass and how he loves to fucked by his step mommy and stepsister. Bradley begs "please fuck me harder step mommy." The ladies love their new family and Bradleys ass

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