Twisted Taboo Family Pt 5

Category: taboo

Duration: 8:00

Bratty Princess Halle Von has just gotten her stepfather Tony to worship her ass. She threatened that if he didn't give her his credit card she would tell mom about him watching her in the shower while jerking his pathetic old man dick. He agrees to give her the card but wants more of his young stepdaughter. Halle teases him by stroking his dick then starts to suck his dick telling him "you didn't know what a dirty little slut I was did you? Did you ever think you'd see me sucking your cock when I was the flower girl at mommy's wedding?" She then pulls her face off of his dick and fishhooks his mouth open spitting his own pre-cum into his mouth. Halle says "you want this 18-year-old pussy? You want to fuck me now? Fuck my pussy, make me cum." Tony does his best to please the young 18-year-old but he is no match at the energy she has. She flips him over and proceeds to ride his cock fast and hard groaning "fuck me step daddy, fuck me step daddy." Halle then humiliates him by placing a chindo on his face and telling him to fuck her pussy till she cums. All the while telling Tony what a lousy fuck he was and that the only way he can please her is with a prosthetic dick on his face. After she has used him and has had her orgasm she pushes him off telling him she better get that credit card soon or she'll be speaking to Mommy about their little afternoon together. "Yes Halle" replies Tony

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