Breaking Bradley, A Taboo Cuckold Story Pt 1

Category: taboo

Duration: 6:00

Bossy Princess Marina Angel is use to getting her way. Now that her mom married Alex and she has a new step brother Bradley, she plans on owning both of their bitch asses. She just finished masterbating with a huge purple dildo and has completely soaked her little red panties. She stuffs the dildo under her pillow and takes off the wet panties leaving them on her bed. She knows her step brother Bradley has been going through her stuff. Also sees her new daddy looking at her too. The power is all hers, so she decides to have some fun this weekend while mommy is away. Marina is going to cuck these bitches out. Step daddy Alex and Bradley are cleaning the pool. Marina walks up to Alex wearing a naughty catholic school girl uniform and explains she is off to do whatever she wants. Alex says "your not going out like that young lady." She flips him the bird and says "I'll do whatever I want" and struts off. Bradley comments to his dad what a little slut whore she is. Alex says "now, now Bradley she just needs a little love and understanding." Bradley rolls his eys and says "I see the way you look at her. She is a little l slut and you like it." Finally Bradley sneaks into his sisters room and starts rubbing and smelling the soaked panties. He then finds the huge purple dildo. Screaming out for his dad "you gotta see this." Alex says "she puts this huge dick in her little pussy? Wow she is a little slut." Marina walks in catching both of them. "Hahaha I knew it, you fucking pervs." She slaps her daddy across the face with the dildo and then jumps in the bed lifting her skirt, "is this what you want? My tight young pink wet pussy?" Then she starts shoving the huge purple dildo in and out of her pussy, shoving it in her step dads mouth and then in her step brothers mouth. There you go you perverts, taste my sweet young pussy, thats right suck this dick you cucky boys. She then informs them they will be doing whatever she wants for the rest of the weekend or she will be telling mom.

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