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Category: taboo

Duration: 34:00

18-year-old Chanel knows her perverted step daddy has been sneaking in her room smelling her panties and knows he has been fantasizing about her. She sets up a video camera and catches him right in the act. He must lick her pussy till she has an orgasm. Then when she's through using him she pushes him off giving him a purple collar and a chastity device. Now that step cucky has eaten her 18-year-old sweet young pussy she has him collared, locked in chastity and makes him breath in her ass and worship her asshole smothering his face with her beautiful ass. Spreading it making him lick every inch of her asshole and not allowing him to touch her pussy. He must now learn to worship a beautiful ass. The only place this step cucky belongs is at her feet. Chanel has turned her step daddy into her complete bitch. With step daddy chastised and cucked, she is enjoying her new toy. Chanel enjoys the humiliation of her step daddy. Once Chanel's step brother walks in and sees step daddy licking his filth off of his stepsister's breasts she notices the stiffy that he has in his pants and grabs him and pulls him out of the room. She says "I know all about you sniffing my panties and watching me. Bitch , I have something for you too." She proceeds to straddle him pulling out his cock and forcefully gives him a hand job stroking him almost to the point of cumming. Edging him, teasing him over and over again with her soft delicate hands all over his swollen cock. Then she flips the bitch over makes him open wide and cum into his own mouth. Now she has him spread eagle with his pink knee pads on and his pink cuck boy collar she stretches his pussy hole beyond belief with her hard 10 inch purple strap on and then informs him who the boss is from now on. Chanel loves owning her step cucky and her step brother cuck boy too.

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