Pool Boy Gets His Orgasm Ruined!(WMV Full Hd 1080p Format)

Category: ruined orgasms

Duration: 5:00

With Mistress Anna by my side we enjoy a fun time outside torturing the pool boy we caught checking us out earlier in the day. If he doesn`t do everything we say we`ll report him for being a pervert and have him fired so he has no choice but to obey our every command. After making him strip naked we have him lay down on his back and kneel over him. Mistress Anna repeatedly slaps him in the face as I jerk him off in between smacking his balls. "He`s turned on by laying on his back and getting slapped, this little bastard," Anna muses. "He`s a real slave," she continues as I confuse his poor cock and balls by caressing them one minute and beating them the next. Making him stand up I stroke his dick as Mistress Anna slaps his face and we inform him that he`s only allowed to cum when we give him permission. After bringing him to climax, I take my hand off his hard cock and he keeps cuming with no help from me. "Now lick my hand with your cum on it," I say as I feed him his own sticky mess.

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