Transformation Training

Category: puppy play

Duration: 17:00

Goddess Tangent no longer want's a human as a slave since pet's are found to be much more loyal and will never talk back. Instead of kicking her slave to the curb he is transformed from worthless man into Mistress's best friend. His body and mind is slowly dehumanized one limb at a time then reconstructed paw by paw until no human is left. Since all d0gs have a tail Goddess Tangent makes sure her new pup is fully equipped inside and out to complete his transformation. Proper behavioral modification can now begin by using a high voltage shock collar locked tight around his neck keeping him at complete attention to be molded into the perfect pet for a Goddess.HD MP4 1920x1080 HDAlso available in iPhone/Mobile HD FormatFemale Domination | Puppy Play | Pet Play

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