Lick Your Way Out of Chastity- Part Two

Category: mind fuck

Duration: 10:00

The slave has his hands tied behind his back and is shackled to the bed. He continues licking Mistress Jasmine's ass. She produces the key tp his chastity device (kept, of course, in her panties) and finally unlocks him.....only to run a wartenberg wheel along his cock. Still, the slave remains horny. Jasmine gives him a hand job while she orders him to lick some more ass. She makes him cum- and what an orgasm! The kind only a chastity-bound guy can have. But that's not all! His throbbing cock is re-inserted into its metal cage, and the slave is back where he started: Ragingly horny and in chastity! (CHASTITY, TEASE AND DENIAL, HAND JOB, BONDAGE, ASS LICKING) You can also check out more of utterly gorgeous Mistress Jasmine at her Vancouver Kinky Dominatrix clip store.

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