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Duration: 6:00

"If you find this video, you must come and help me! I was just a normal businessman having a drink in a bar, when these two beautiful women started chatting to me and offered to buy me a drink. Being flattered with their attention, I gladly accepted. From there, things became a bit hazy, when i awoke I was locked in a room, stripped naked and alone. For weeks a was left with just food and a pile of ladies clothes, I had no choice but to start wearing them, it was so cold, you see? The women started showing their presence, everytime I awoke I had makeup on. At first I would try scrubbing it off, but in the end I just left it. I must admit, it made me look quite nice, especially with the lingerie I was wearing. One day I woke up feeling really sore on my chest, bandages were wrapped around me. To my horror I now had a big pair of breast implants! I say horror, but I suppose they did look magnificent, my cleavage was incredible. My skin and face becoming more feminine day to day, I imagine it was the hormones they had been putting in my food for months. My voice was now higher, my body and face hairless. The continual mesmerizing videos and sounds encouraged me to embrace my new femininity. The women now let me roam the Mansion at my leisure, bringing men in to suck their cocks and earn money. They had no idea I was once a man, apart from the hardon I always had, the daily dose of Viagra made sure of that! When I say I want you to rescue me, maybe things are not so bad here, in fact, they may have mentioned that I can leave whenever I want and go back to my boring man life...well, I may as well stay now, after all the effort they have put into me! If you get this message, perhaps you can come and find me, this could be your life too, we could dress each other up, you could be turned into a beautiful woman too, it will be so much fun! Come and find me, let's get mesmerized and feminized together! xx "

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Megan's orgasmic facesitting
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Shocking & Humiliating
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Emma's Pleasure
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