FF - Turned Into the Family Slave Part 1 (Family Fantasy)

Category: kink

Duration: 7:00

This is the beginning of a great new twisted family series. Kevin comes home to find his Auntie Red sitting there with an angry look on her face. She had suspected him of being a little pervert and going through her things and sniffing her panties like a naughty boy. So she dropped some panties on the floor for bait and setup a hidden video camera to see what would happen. Sure enough, kevin discovered the panties and started sniffing them right away. When Auntie Red confronted kevin with the video, he felt really sheepish and embarrassed. Aunt Red knew she had him by the balls and informed him that he would now be her sex slave. She immediately ordered him to undress and she made him wear the pink panties that he was caught sniffing. She then ordered him to kiss and worship her shoes, feet and stocking legs. She even made him suck her heels like a cock. Auntie Red let kevin know he was in for a life changing experience as her sex slave.You can contact Mistress Red at her twitter account: @MissRedRules

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