FF - Turned Into the Family Slave Part 2 (Family Fantasy)

Category: kink

Duration: 7:00

As Auntie Red is making her nephew kevin worship her shoes, she announces that he might as well know that she has turned another family member into her slave. Her brother, kevin's uncle has been her slave for several years now. She claps her hands and summons her brother into the room. He crawls into the room sporting a huge hard on. Auntie Red has trained him well. First she pulls kevin's face into her pussy and she reaches down and plunges her fingers into her pussy. She jams them into each boy's mouth to give them the taste they crave. Then she stands and orders her brother johnny to lick her ass. She continually directs him on how she wants her cheeks parted and his tongue plunging deeply into her asshole. When she is satisfied with johnny's performance, she shoves her ass in kevin's face and orders him to lick it next. Kevin obeys because he can tell that Auntie Red is very capable of extreme punishment for disobedience. The action is really heating up as this twisted family scene begins to blossom.You can contact Mistress Red at her twitter account: @MissRedRules

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