FF - M0mmy's Little Bitch (Family Fantasy)

Category: kink

Duration: 11:00

MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION, ORGASM CONTROL What are you doing up past your bedtime? M0ther is getting ready to meet her boyfriend, perfuming her soft skin and applying lotion on her gorgeous legs. Wait....is that a boner I see? Don't tell me you are aroused by your own mother!…. Although I do understand the attraction. I am a modern woman and know very well that men, no matter what age, cannot help what makes their dick hard. It doesn't matter how taboo their fantasy may be, only specific images will work. This being the case, we might as well get off on the right foot. Namely, start practicing the art of self restraint. No woman wants a premie! Now that you are turned on, and your dicklet hard, let's make sure you can control yourself and cum only when I allow it. Not a moment before, and not a moment after. Be a good boi and make me proud. (I guarantee you, after going through this exercise, you will remain a mama's boi forever! You can also see more of the beautiful Mistress Bijou Steal in action at her Ballerina Gone Bad clip store.

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