Showing Off My Big, Talented Feet! (Custom Request)(WMV Full Hd 1080p Format)

Category: footjobs

Duration: 15:00

This video is for a fan who wants to see more of my feet, and I neverdisappoint! With my big bare feet in your face I threaten to destroy youby stomping you into dust with them. My feet are so big and so powerful, Icould easily crush you like the pathetic bug you are. Do you like my rednail polish? I take good care of these big feet and spare no expensekeeping them as gorgeous as the rest of me. Calling a slave over to me, Imake him get down on the cold floor and lay on his back. With my big feetI trample him with all of my weight, walking back and forth over him as ifhe were a carpet. I smash his cock and balls with my huge, strong feetwhile he lays beneath me groaning in discomfort. I show no mercy as Itrample this loser slave before making him get on all fours and repeatedlykicking his ass and balls with my powerful feet. I shove my big toe up hisass, fucking him with my foot and then delivering more painful kicks tohis bare bottom and nuts. Once again making him lay on the floor I lube uphis cock and massage it with my big bare feet, giving him a footjob anddemanding he cum for me. These feet may be massive, but that doesn`t meanthey`re not skilled! He thrusts his hips up and down, fucking my feetuntil he covers them with his big, warm load!

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