Footjob for My Boss but No Cumming!(WMV Full Hd 1080p Format)

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Duration: 9:00

It`s only my first week at my new job and already I`m misbehaving. I just can`t help myself! As my boss sits in the break room I strut by him wearing my short skirt that accentuates my nice, toned legs and tight butt. I "accidentally" drop some papers and give him an amazing view of my ass when I bend over to pick them up. He clearly finds me quite attractive, and taking a seat next to him on the sofa I have him show me his cock and it`s every bit as big, thick, hard, and impressive as I hoped it would be. Kicking off my heels I ask if he`s ever had a footjob before. When he tells me he hasn`t, I don`t waste time getting to work massaging his hard shaft with my cute bare feet. Sitting with my big tits exposed I rub my nipples while my toes caress his erect dick. I use spit as lube and have him fuck my well-pedicured feet while he stares at my ass but I won`t be letting this loser cum today! Like the bitch I am, I leave him with a confused cock and aching balls.

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