FW - Begging for Mercy from Beatdowns (Foot Worship)

Category: foot worship

Duration: 6:00

You all know how strict, harsh and sadistic Princess Britney can be. If you saw her video called BIG BAD BEATDOWN you would know that she broke clem's ribs in that scene. The beating was so severe, he actually had to go to the hospital for x-rays and treatment after the beatdown. Princess Britney is always harsh with clem. She loves treating him badly and making him suffer for her. Today he is licking her feet and begging for her to not do any more beatdowns. He is literally crying and begging for mercy. But Britney reminds him she can do whatever she pleases. He is her property and she will beat him anytime she chooses. She has no feelings or sympathy for him and even starts using and abusing him further as he is licking her feet. "Lick in between my toes," she commands. "Scrub my heel with your teeth," she demands. She is truly ruthless to him. When she is tired of listening to him beg and plead for mercy, she decides he must go back in his cage. She makes him literally kiss the ground she walks on with every step she takes to the cage.

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