FW - Feeding My Living Floor (Foot Worship)

Category: foot worship

Duration: 9:00

Mistress XI owns a living human floor. She uses this floor for many purposes. She can use it for foot worship, foot cleaning, face dancing, face stomping and kicking, face sitting, toilet duties, and more. In order to keeper living floor alive, she must feed it daily. She prefers to feed it with her feet since that method brings her great pleasure as the floor licks her feet in order to feed itself. Today's treat is a nice fresh plate of strawberries. Of course Mistress XI likes to stomp on them and mash them up with her feet before making her floor lick them off her feet. She loves ramming her foot down its throat and foot gagging her floor. She has so much fun feeding her floor, she turns it into quite an erotic experience for herself and the floor. Be sure to check out Mistress Xi at her Mistress XI web site.

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