FW - You Will Be MY Foot Whore (Foot Worship)

Category: foot worship

Duration: 9:00

Mistress Sasha knows how to drive you crazy for her feet. She makes you addicted to her feet by making them a BIG part of your life. She keeps you gazing at them, sniffing them no matter how stinky, and then of course she makes you rub them, kiss them, lick them and suck them. But not just her feet. She brings in her girlfriends to make you crazy because she is turning you into her foot whore. She wants you so crazy for her feet and the feet of her girlfriends that they can totally own you. This includes you wallet foot whore. So if you watch this scene, you will have taken the first step towards being owned by Mistress Sasha's feet and be prepared to be unable to resist all of her demands. You can see more of the incredible Mistress Sasha Mizaree at her Sasha Mizaree Fetish clip store.

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