A Dava Doll For Cucky‏ Pt 1 (Foot Worship)

Category: financial domination

Duration: 7:00

Goddess Dava Foxx is a smoking hot milf. Her young next door neighbor boy Toby has a huge crush on her. Dava believes he has been spying on her by watching her undress and watching her masturbate. Everytime she comes out of the house or pulls up into the driveway he runs over to ask her if he can carry her groceries, wash her car or mow her lawn. Toby will do anything just to near her and today is no different. She walks out into the garage to get a bottle of water and neighbor Toby asks "can I clean your pool? Do you need me to do any work?" Goddess Dava replies "no Toby that's alright, I have my girlfriend coming over and we're going to go swimming maybe another day but thank you." Toby says ok and wonders back next-door. Once home he opens the closet in his room and pulls out a sex doll. That's right, a blowup doll he named Dava. It even looks like her. Toby throws his Dava doll on the bed and beings to talk all macho to it "oh you don't need any help? All you need is this." Toby starts finger banging the blowup doll. Then his mom yells for him to take out the trash. He very nervously puts the doll back in the closet. Later that day he climbs the fence and is watching Miss Fox in her room in her hot red bikini. She notices he is right outside her window and decides to give him a little show by pulling her panties to the side revealing her wet pink pussy. Knowing Toby is watching she jumps up,opens the door and grabs the little bitch by his ear pulling him into the house. "I knew it! You've been spying on me you little pervert." He says "it's not what you think Miss Fox." Dava responds "I know exactly what it is Toby! You want this pussy!" She instructs him to pull his pants down to see what kind of equipment he working with. Embarrassed Toby obeys and pulls his pants down revealing a 2 inch little tiny dick. Dava starts laughing and says "you could never please a woman but maybe we can find some use for you. You can start at the bottom get down here and worship my feet bitch."

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