Breaking Bradley, A Taboo Cuckold Story Pt 3

Category: financial domination

Duration: 7:00

Bossy Princess Marina Angel enjoys the power she has over her step-daddy and her stepbrother. She is has now cross-dressed them in her catholic school girl skirt and notices her daddy's full erection. After he was made to worship her sexy bratty ass. Marina then says to her brother Bradley "you suck daddies dick!" Bradley protests "he's my dad I'm not sucking his dick!" "You're adopted, he's not your real dad. If you don't do it I'm going to tell mom that you guys were in my room sniffing my panties and that you guys are pathetic looser pervs" Marina explains. The father chimes and confirms "she's right son you are adopted. I'm not your real father. You better just do what she says." Bossy Marina grabs his head and shoves his face full of cock. Bouncing her stepbrother's face off daddy's cock and balls for the next five minutes. Then informs him he's doing it wrong and she starts sucking her step-daddy's dick. She proceeds to grab Bradley pushing him against the wall spitting the pre-cum in his mouth and then tells him "get back to work bitch. Thats right lick his balls, lick the shaft, suck daddies cock." Finally the father blows a load of filth in Bradley's mouth as the cum starts to run down his chin Marina licks his face and wipes her daddy's man filth off with her hand and licks it off her fingers

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