Extortion Before Pleasure

Category: financial domination

Duration: 9:00

Poor baby....your cock locked up for so long. And Valentine's is just around the corner. Your girlfriend must be at her wit's end, wondering why you haven't returned her calls or visited her since you met me. Being the caring woman that she is, Mistress Bijou Steal will release you. But you must pay your way to freedom. Bijou will claim your liquid cash and then extract your plastic. The limit had better be sufficient for her needs; she will go shopping and find out if it is. If Ms Steal is satisfied, you will be released- and finally allowed to cum. The higher the limit on those cards, the more likely she will be creative with your release and maybe even reward you with a sexy lap dance. But if she is not satisfied with the value, you will remain prisoner. Guess you might as well cancel your Valentine's Day plans! Ms Steal intends to go on a very long shopping trip..... (FINANCIAL DOMINATION, CHASTITY, TEASE AND DENIAL)

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