The Adventures of Hand Job Boy The Jerk Off (Full Length)

Category: financial domination

Duration: 27:00

Goddess Dava Foxx and Mistress Molly catch their handymen talking instead of doing the work they were hired to do. Worker Alex was commenting how hot the girls were in their blue jeans and tight little pink tops and about how you just got to grab them and give it to them, that's what women want. As the ladies over hear this they walk into the garage smacking both boys in the face and put them down on their knees. Explaining to them that this is where men belong. The cocky one, Alex, starts to protest as Mistress Molly grabs some hot pink duct tape and the ladies begin taping the boy’s hands together and tape over both of their disrespectful mouths. Then they stripped the boys and say "let's see what you’re working with." Both boys are aroused now and the ladies giggle telling them to jerk each other off. "That’s right if you want to get in our pants jerk his dick!" The boys feeling helpless start to stroke each other's cocks. Cameron squirts a hot, thick, gooey load in about 30 seconds all over the garage floor. The ladies laughing tell them their new nicknames are hand job boy and the jerk off . Grabbing the boys by the ears they pull them up and bring them into the house to continue to have more fun with these pathetic bitches. Submissive and on their knees they instruct the boys that they wanted to fuck but first need to lube up the ladies strap ons. "That’s right put your slutty little mouth around my cock." The girls forcefully grab their heads and start shoving cock in their mouths commenting that the boys seem eager like maybe they've even done this before. "Swallow every inch bitch, lick the shaft and suck on the balls!" Goddess Dava starts making "jerk off" deep throat her pink 10" cock, gagging and slobbering all over the place. "No worries, your mouths are going to get a rest because next we're going to fuck your man pussies." They flip the pathetic sissy sluts into every position they can possibly think of. Goddess Dava laughs as "Jerk Off's" toes are curling from her sexy ass fucking. Mistress Molly remarks "that's right you just have to grab these bitches and give it to them.Then Goddess Dava and Mistress Molly explain to their bitch boys that now they're going to start where they belong at the bottom of their feet. Worshiping every inch of the beautiful goddess feet, licking and sucking in between every single toe. "We own your pathetic loser, pink-collar wearing asses. Sissy sluts is what you'll be from now on."

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