Blind Date From Hell‏

Category: female domination

Duration: 39:00

Blind Date Simone Kross is a true sadist. She has tricked a young horny male into meeting her at an abandoned warehouse. The unsuspecting male is terrified as Simone takes him captive. Simone strings the bitch up and whips him to the point of tears. Then she gags the crying bitch by shoving her high heel into his mouth. Next she beats the bitch's balls while forcing him to watch. The slut's suffering excites Simone. She bends the bitch over and fucks him in the ass with her huge strap on cock. As the trembling slut struggles to release himself from bondage, Simone pulls out a cattle prod and begins zapping the bitch until he breaks down, crying. Simone takes the captive bitch home and forces him to worship her ass. She lights a cigarette and reflects on the excitement of the day.

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