Brat Doms Pt 2 (Hand Job)

Category: female domination

Duration: 6:00

Goddess Mena Li and Goddess Rachael Madori lock their little latex slave in the kitchen pantry while playing with his friend Bobby, that is under the impression its dinner time. Little does he know the Goddesses have another kind of meal in store for him. Shaking and terrified, they bring him out to play, laying him down on the table to prove his willingness, and worthiness. Goddess Mena strokes his pathetic dick, while Goddess Rachael moans in ecstasy from making him eat her pussy, getting it all juicy and wet. The Goddesses switch places on their new slave and finally giving him permission to spill his disgusting filth all over himself, making him eat it instead of the meal he thought he was going to get.

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