Auction Slaves (Chemical Castration)

Category: female domination

Duration: 7:00

Mistress Cherry Morgan and Goddess Alina Long have found themselves becoming very bored lately. They have a mutual friend named Toby who picks up slaves really cheap at a local auction. Some of them are damaged, most of them are useless as most men are, but every now and then he comes up with a pretty good one. The ladies are anxiously waiting to see what he finds. Toby arrives and begins to pull out potential sluts. With arms duct-taped together and piece of tape over their mouths the ladies start their inspection of the merchandise. Toby thinks he is slick and tries to do a two-for-one deal. They want none of that, they want to see the goods and start pulling the bitches pants down. One is a decently hung male that could be used as a potential stud and the other is struggling with a micropenis so there is absolutely no use for him. Toby tries to sell him even cheaper and the ladies say, "no thanks" paying him and he's on his way. Bitch Slave Alex was the lucky purchased one and is down on his knees in the dungeon. In tears, he pleads and begs to be let go. They explain to him that he may earn his freedom, all he has to do is make both Mistresses cum within three minutes. However, there's a catch. Mistress Alina pulls out a gigantic syringe filled with a blue serum and explains to the slut that she will be injecting his balls with the blue liquid and if he cums before the time is up a chemical reaction will occur that will render his slut stick useless, his balls will shrivel up and fall off due to chemical castration. "You better do your best and fuck us properly!" Bitch Alex fucks vigorously and as hard as he can. Mistress Cherry is moaning and screaming in pleasure and has an orgasm. The pathetic slave starts thinking he may have a way out. Alina says, "not yet bitch it's my turn." Pumping and thrusting with all his might, he fucks her pussy like he has never done before. Mistress Alina's tight wet pussy has the slave squirting his load too soon. The ladies laugh and ask him if his balls are feeling warm. The chemical reaction has already begun and within a matter of days his balls will just fall off. Goddesses tell terrified Alex to lick up every last drop of his disgusting filth from Goddess's pussy and inform him they will be contacting Toby to come back to get him as he is not worthy to stay on the estate.

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