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Duration: 37:00

Mistresses Jean Bardot and Kylie Rouge have hired Lew and Alex, two repairmen to do some odd jobs around the property today. Imagine the shock to the two Doms when one of the repairmen turns out to be a canceling male chauvinist pig. Despite the protests of his partner Alex, Lew can't shut his mouth and stop letting his male arrogance get him deeper and deeper in trouble. Even worse, after being given direct orders from Miss Bardot not to enter her private dungeon, the brazen idiot marches right in at first opportunity, considering her warnings a joke. Little did these two repairmen know that the joke would be on them. We next find our repairmen in the dungeon, Alex in a kennel and loudmouth Lew strapped to a milking bench. Goddess Jean Bardot is furious and decides to remove some of Lews testosterone by milking his overactive balls. Both Mistress Kylie and Goddess Jean take turns roughing pulling and milking Lews pig stick as he both moans on pleasure and cries in agony. The Goddess's to not let up for a second, taunting and tormenting the loudmouth caveman as they pull his cum out of his cock and then force him to eat it. Not satisfied, Goddess Jean unleashes fury of kicks to the repairman's' balls, leaving him howling like a wounded as the Goddess's move on to repairman Alex. Having been the well behaved one, the Goddesses allow Alex a chance to earn his freedom. If the stud can hold his load and fuck Mistress Kylie and make her cum in under 3 minutes he will be allowed to go free. To drive this point home, Mistress Jean demands Alex deeply inhale the scent of Mistress Kylie womanhood. Driven to please his Masters, Alex fucks the Miss Kylie with all the passion he can muster, finally making her quiver in climax. As Alex withdraws, Goddess Jean realizes that Alex came in his condom as well! Furious, the Doms teabag Alex's slutty mouth with the filled scumbag, then humiliate him by dumping his filth out on his face and in his mouth. Mistress Jean promises he will be punished for an unauthorized orgasm. We return to find both Goddesses amusing themselves punishing Alex by shocking him with a cattle prod. Alex jumps and flails wildly, not knowing where the next jolt of electricity will come from. Both Ladies laugh and laugh at the spectical before them, noticing that the repairman is paying close attention to their boots. Taking mercy on the sad little slut, Mistress Kylie Rouge and Jean Bardot allow the worm to lock and kiss their boots. As the boots become shiny through worship, both Dommes notice that Alex is quite turned on by worshipping their boots, and demand he become a little boot bumper. Alex eagerly humps away like a bunny, slamming his hips and cock into Mistress Kylie boots until he can't hold back and explodes all over them. Amused, Goddess Jean demands Alex link up his filth. Mistress Kylie mentions how turned on she is, and Goddess Jean remembers that they still have a loudmouth slave to punish. Nothing makes Mistress Kylie cum like the pain and agony of a slave, and Goddess Jean delivers in spades on the rude and arrogant hide of Lew. A brutal caning leaves the loudmouths ass covered in multicolored welts as tears roll down the pigs face and his screams fill the air. all this pain and suffering has Miss Kylie on the verge of orgasm, so Goddess Jean switches to a whip to amp up the pain even more. Spine chilling screams echo throughout the club do estate as Lew begs and pleads for mercy while Miss Kyle reaches orgasm due to his pain. To finally drive home the point that men should respect women both Doms Don their 10" inch strap on cocks and destroy both repairman asses. Both are flipped upside down and InsideOut but neither can escape nor gain any mercy from the monster cocks if Mistress Jean and Kylie. Once completely Fucked, both boys are ordered to clean thier asses off the cocks that just pounded their formally virgin holes. Finally satisfied Goddess Jean tells loudmouth Lew to scram, and he quickly runs for his life off property. However, the cure and respectful Alex is offered a spot in the club do stable. (Full HD Movie)

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