Pony Cart Racing Boot Bitches

Category: female domination

Duration: 6:00

When you have acres and acres of land like the sprawling Club Dom estate, it makes sense that a Goddess would need a fitting method of transportation. Naturally Mistresses Cherry Morgan and Alina Long have two willing pony boys eagerly waiting to take them all around the property. After a tour and race, the Goddesses grow bored and decide some boot worship is in order! The extremely lucky slaves are overjoyed to be allowed the privilege of running their tongues all over the glistening boots of their Goddess. Mistress Cherry and Alina encourage their boot sluts to continue paying tribute to them by cleaning every inch of their magnificent boots, including licking the filthy soles! Both Mistresses stand over their boot bitches as they look up at the amazing bodies of both Goddesses with awe. Unsatisfied, the Domes demand the man whores suck and swallow the entire heel of their boots, making love and orally pleasing every spiked inch. They allow no mercy on their bitches, driving their heels down their whole throats. Finally satiated, Goddesses Cherry and Alina decide the boot sluts have done an adequate job and demand they carry their pony carts back to the mansion.

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