A Maid's Work is Never Done (Double Strap On)

Category: female domination

Duration: 6:00

The Club Dom estate sees a lot of action and can get quite messy. Thus, it is sissy maid Fifi's job to make sure the entire compound is immaculate at all times. Walking into the kitchen after a long day of anally training their stable slaves, Goddesses Cherry Morgan and Alina Long witness Fifi swishing his boy ass while gleefully finishing the dusting. The Mistresses take in the pathetic spectacle in front of them while stroking their 10 inch black strap-on cocks. They decide they want one last piece of boy butt for the evening, and demand FiFi bends over. Filled with terror, Fifi assumes the position and is pounded into oblivion. Goddess Cherry Morgan brandishes her cock like a weapon, destroying maid Fifi's slut hole and leaving him a crying, slobbering mess. Unsatisfied, the Mistresses decide to double-fuck the silly sissy. Shoving BOTH cocks up his well-used ass, and finish him off by shoving BOTH of their cocks into his slutty mouth AT THE SAME TIME and demanding he suck them BOTH clean. A Maid's work is NEVER done!

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