Pussy Eating Milked Slut

Category: female domination

Duration: 5:00

It's mid-afternoon, and Mistresses Cherry Morgan and Alina Long notice that one of their stud-slaves is overdue to be milked. After tying their helpless slave to a table, the Dommes decide that a milking is in order! It's been over 30 days since his last release, and the bitch boy trembles in anticipation. Mistress Alina roughly tugs and yanks on the slaves' worthless cock while Mistress Cherry Morgan decides to ride his face with her amazonian ass. Not pleased with the slut's performance, Mistress Cherry Morgan grinds her pussy into his face, using him as nothing more than a tool to achieve her orgasm. Meanwhile, Mistress Alina masterfully pulls the filth out of the underling's slut stick, which Mistress Cherry gleefully scoops up into her hand and shoves down the manwhore's throat!

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