A Dava Doll For Cucky Pt 4 (Love Doll)

Category: female domination

Duration: 8:00

Goddess Dava Foxx and Goddess Kylie Rogue have had their fun with the neighbor boy Toby. They now go to his place and the ladies start snooping around his bedroom. They open the closet door only to find Toby's Dava doll. "Toby is this supposed to be me wearing a red bikini, my red bikini? Are you really that obsessed with me you have a blowup doll dressed just like me?" The ladies laugh as Toby is humiliated. Humiliating him even further they place the doll on his bed and then lay him on the bed and begin licking his chastity device. "Can you feel our hot breath on your little cock locked in there?" Driving him crazy his cock starts to swell. Toby is begging to be released. "Goddess Dava tells him she will let him out under one condition, he must talk dirty to the Dava doll and lick her pussy. Then fuck it to prove to her that he is worthy to please her. Toby says "then I'll get to be with you? I'll do whatever it takes." He starts to lick the plastic vagina of the love doll. The ladies tell him to talk dirty to it and fuck it. He puts his cock inside and starts pumping it for all it's worth. Talking to the doll and fucking hard he can't control himself cumming all over the Dava doll. Again the ladies laugh "pathetic". He is then instructed to lick up his disgusting filth off of the doll

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