Boot Fucking Slut‏

Category: female domination

Duration: 7:00

Mistress Kylie Rogue and Goddess Dava Fox have their slave lying on his back worshiping their boots by sucking on the 7 inch heel. Kylie tells him "were you imagining that was a big black cock in your mouth bitch? Pathetic bitch that's right keep licking and cleaning." Then she notices that the slave has an on authorized erection. Kylie smacks the bitch and says "you did not have permission to get hard. Now you must get rid of it so you're going to fuck our boots until you spray your disgusting filth." The slave start humping the boots. "Pathetic little Jack rabbit." The ladies laugh at how eager and enthusiastic he is looking. The slave can't take anymore and squirt after squirt he sprays all of his white disgusting filth into the Goddesses boots. Without even being told the pathetic bitch bends down and slurps up every last drop of his man goo.

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