A Dava Doll For Cucky Pt 2 (Ass Worship)

Category: female domination

Duration: 9:00

Goddess Dava Fox's neighbor Toby has been caught peeking in her window while she was masturbating. After putting a collar on him, humiliating him for his small penis size and laughing because he has such a crush on her she decides to keep him around for the day. Mistress Kylie is coming over to lay out by the pool and Goddess Dava already made the pathetic cocky boy worship her feet. While he was on his knees worshiping Goddesses feet she sees that he came all over the floor. Toby was instructed to clean up every last drop with his tongue. Goddess Dava then sends him to prepare drinks for her and Kylie. Mistress Kylie can't believe all the stories she hears from Dava. "When do I get to meet this boy?" Dava snaps her fingers yells out "ohhh Toby" and he arrives naked wearing only a pink collar carrying two glasses of wine. He hands them to the Goddesses and takes his place at Dava's side, on his knees. Mistress Kylie laughs and asks for permission to use him for a few things. She spreads her legs, takes her fingers and opens her pussy teasing him. "Breathe in your goddesses essence. Do you want to lick that?" Of course the pathetic cucky Toby says "yes". "Well you don't get the privilege but you can lick my ass." The ladies proceed to make cuck boy Toby lick and worship Mistress Kylie's beautiful ass. Licking every inch. Then the ladies bounce him back-and-forth between the two putting him on his knees right between both of them. "This is where men belong. On their knees serving their superior."

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