Alexis Grace's Cock Slurping Cuck‏y HD Scene

Category: female domination

Duration: 30:00

Alexis Grace is horny and masturbating with her Vibrator when her cuckold husband comes in and asks if he can have a shot at pleasing his goddess. Alexis is amused and smiles as she starts to tease and torment her cuckold husband. Laughing while he's locked in chastity only tormenting him more rubbing her sexy body all over him, licking him, breathing on him. She decides to actually ride and grind his chastity device until she has an orgasm. Feeling a bit sad for her subby hubby she unlocks and releases his little 3 inch pecker. Alexis hands her subby hubby a penis extender because he will never be able to please her with his tiny dick. After he is told to put it on Alexis proceeds to tease him by licking the extender. He cries out "but I can't feel anything." Goddess reminds him what his sole purpose in life is and it's to please her. SubbyHubby fucks her for about three minutes and as usual spills his man goo inside the penis extender. Laughing at him Alexis pulls it off and dumps his filth all over his face humiliating him and tells him "well at least that was two minutes longer than last time. Now lick the filth off your face." Later that day she has her cuckold foot bitch licking, sucking and worshiping his Goddess's feet will she is texting. Her subbyhubby asks "who are you texting." She replies "you really want to know? It's your new employee Alex. He fucked me good last night and just sent me a picture of his beautiful cock. As a matter of fact, I want you to give him a promotion." Her pathetic hubby says "I am going to fire him!" Alexis warns him that he will do know such thing or he will never get out of chastity then demanding to get back to worshiping her feet. Goddess is enjoying how her beautiful feet are being worshiped as she invites Alex over. Mr. Alex Adams arrives and Alexis makes her husband thank Mr. Adams for fucking her properly. Before you know it Cameron has a mouth full of cock slurping down his huge swollen slut stick as Alexis dangles the chastity key in front of his face for incentive that's right cucky, sucky, sucky before you know it Mr. Adams shoots a huge thick load of cum in his mouth. Alexis Grace tells her SubbyHubby that she will be bringing dates home and introducing other men into their sexual relationship. She humiliates him about how small his penis is and lack of money he makes. He will be included in their sex life but only to keep the studs cock hard. Becoming her little dumpster and used as pussy lube. Alexis makes him watch another man fuck her to multiple orgasms. Then told to suck and lick her lovers balls. Making sure her lovers man goo is licked clean. Her new lover is still ready to go wanting more. SubbyHubby is now told to get on all fours spreading his man pussy open so her new lover can fuck him right in the ass! The life of a cucky isn't it so sweet.

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