Subby Sex Education Pt 5 (Strap On)

Category: female domination

Duration: 6:00

Miss Valentine is standing in the middle of the class wearing nothing but a 12 inch pink strap on. Her female teachers pet is at her knees ready to serve as she sticks the cock in her mouth. Showing the class this is how to dominate. "She proper example of serving me." Making the female sub beg to be fucked with the big pink strap on she bends her over the desk and fucks her till she orgasms. Miss Valentine then calls her assistant Mr. Adams and throws him up on the desk only to stretch his man pussy out with the same 12 inch pink strap on while the rest of the class looks on. "Beg for my pink strap on. Tell me how much you love dick in your ass Mr. Adams." Finally Miss Valentine is through fucking the two students and informs the rest of the class that they're all complete morons. "I'm not even the teacher! I was supposed to be in this class and I just dominated all your bitch asses!" Her and Mr. Adams walk out laughing.

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