Subby Sex Education Pt 4

Category: female domination

Duration: 5:00

Miss Valentine now has the female sub on her knees with a dildo attached to her face and instructs her to be a good little teachers pet and make her cum. Teaching her class what it means to be subservient. Miss Valentine enjoys the power she has over the class and notices the males little 2" dicks have become aroused. She calls Mr. Adams in with two blow up sheep and instructs the pathetic subbys to fuck the lambs. "That's right Mr. Kincaid stick your little pathetic dicklett in lamby and fuck her well. Thank her for allowing you the privilege of using her fuck hole." The boys pop their load within 2 minutes. Miss Valentine makes them thank Lamy and lick their disgusting filth out of the lambs opening. "Thank you Lamb" Mr. Kincaid says with cum running down his face

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