Pleasing Mistress May

Category: female domination

Duration: 7:00

Mistress Marsha May has her leg up on the cage riding her wet pink pussy right in her slaves face. "Don't you want to please me?" He says "yes goddess." She pulls him out of the cage and tells him he has three minutes to make her orgasm and puts his face right in front of her pussy. Then tells him "no, not with your disgusting filthy mouth!" Mistress May pulls out a dildo gag and straps a prosthetic dick to his face. The slave starts fucking his mistress as hard and as fast as he can. Straining his neck with every pump. She smacks him in the head and grabs him. "Harder. Faster." She exclaims. Now laying back on the couch spreading her legs open she inserts the dildo gag into her pussy again and tells him "one and a half minutes left bitch." The pathetic slave tries to please his goddess but has failed. She pushes his face off and tells him "I will just have to do it myself. Watch this pussy cum pathetic slave. Rubbing her clit and masturbating until pussy juice is all over the pathetic slaves face. Laughing at him she places him back in the cage. "Thats okay because I can always use you as a strap on bitch."

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