Subby Sex Education (Blow Job Queens) Pt 2

Category: female domination

Duration: 8:00

Miss Jamie Valentine has the pathetic little dick students locked in chastity and on their knees. She explains to them that because they will never be able to please a woman, they will have to pay all the bills. In order to pay the bills they're going to have to learn how to be perfect little blow job queen's. The boys are instructed to pucker up and wrap their sweet little mouths around Mr. Adams bulging hard cock. Telling them that they need to learn to fall in love with cock that way they can be good providers for their female companions. While the boys are busy learning to suck cock Miss Valentine has her submissive female student as her new little teachers pet. Making her rub her pussy and suck her big ample breasts. Miss Valentine has complete control of her class. Finally Mr. Adams blows a big white chunky load of man filth all over Toby's face and Miss Valentine instructs Mr. Kincaid to lick the cum off of his face. "You both need to learn to love the taste of cum." She looks at both male students with cum dripping down their face and says "you two will make perfect blowjob queen's. Lesson well learned."

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