Edged and Fed in The 7 Gates of Hell

Category: female domination

Duration: 8:00

Mistress Esmi Lee, Goddess Dava Foxx and Mistress Molly Jane like playing games with their slaves. They have this bitch locked up in the seven gates of hell restricting has pathetic slut stick as they tease him with a vibrator. Slowly stroking his cock with their black gloved hands bringing him right to the brink and slowly spitting on his cock, stroking it fast and then slow. Just playing games with this bitch workng his slut stick right to the edge where his balls are about to explode and then stopping and just laughing at him as he begs for release. "Masturbation games can be fun don't you think slave?" Finally they make the bitch beg to be fed his own cum "please feed me my man filth Goddess." The slave then explodes a thick white load of disgusting filth into Goddess Esmi's hand. The ladies fishhook the sluts mouth wide-open and wipe every last disgusting drop of goo into the bitches mouth

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