The Enjoyment of Slave 2414 Mp4

Category: female domination

Duration: 17:00

Madame Sade is in a particularly cruel mood. She pulls a stable bitch out of his cage and shackles him down. Sade is going to cane this bitch until he cries and then fuck him in his red hot ass. A sadistic smile comes over Sade's face as she lays into the bitch with repeated cane strokes. She wants to get the slave's ass nice and tender for fucking. Red and purple wetls rise up on the slut's trembling ass, pleasing Sade. Then she shows the slut the cock she will be fucking him with. She starts pumping the bitch full of dick. She enjoys feeling the heat her cane left on his ass as she drives her dick in deep. She rides the bitch long and hard. When she is satisfied, she puts the bitch back into his cage and lights a cigarette. *Caning* Strap on* Smoking* Madame Sade is amazingly sexy and cruel!

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