Pool Hall Cucky Boys Pt 3 (Chindo)

Category: female domination

Duration: 5:00

Goddes Natasha Starr and her sister Bratty Princess Natalia are having so much fun with their new found cucky boys. Natasha has made both boys strip down and put a purple and pink collar on. Then strapped a prosthetic dildo to their face informing them "now you get to fuck our pussies. Remember you have to earn your way." Princess Natalia takes out her red lipstick and writes on Cameron "I am a cock whore" and writes on Alex "I am a cum dumpster." The girls laugh as they ask Alex "what is your new name?" Alex replies, "I'm a cum dumpster." That's right bitch, now fuck this pussy with that chindo and you better make us cum bitch boys. "Yes Goddess" is the proper response Now get to work the boys heads are bouncing back-and-forth like a soccer ball. The women enjoy the power they have over the sissy sluts. Making them do any humiliating thing they wish. This is what makes their pussy wet

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