Pool Hall Cucky Boys Pt 2 (Ass Worship)

Category: female domination

Duration: 5:00

Bratty Princess Natalia Starr and Goddess Natasha Starr have seduced the boys into worshiping their feet. Telling them they have more to prove before they can actually get any pussy. Princess Natalia grabs her cucky bitch and shoves his face right into her her ass forcing him to breathe in. He is to learn to love the essence with every deep breath. "Now you guys are going to worship our asses. You do not have permission to touch our pussies. Only lick our assholes" Alex and Cameron comply The girls make sure every inch of their assholes are worshiped. After they've had enough of this. The boys are told "there's many more games to play. If you're going to score with us you're going to have to listen to everything we say." They both produce pink and purple collars. Instructing the boys to put them on. "You're going to be our cucky bitches for the rest of the day if you ever want to get this pussy."

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