Megan Jones Education in Cock Sucking MP4

Category: female domination

Duration: 8:00

Mistress Megan pulls her slave out of this cage. She is going to teach him to suck cock. Megan demands that the bitch deep throat the huge cock that is before him. Megan supervises to make certain that bitch does a good job. She wants the bitch's lips wrapped tightly around the cock. Megan grabs the slut's head and pushes it down on the cock. She wants him to deep throat. When it is time for the stud cock to cum, he pulls back and shoots a load all over the slave's face. Megan smiles as cum drips down her bitch's cheeks. Megan demands that the humiliated slave thank her for the opportunity to suck dick. She puts him back into cage without giving him the opportunity to wash his face.

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