Alexis Grace's Cock Slurping Cuck‏

Category: female domination

Duration: 5:00

Goddess Alexis Grace asks her subbyhubby if he ever wants to get out of chastity ? Of course he says yes so she explains to him here's what we're going to do your new employee Alex the one who's been fucking me the one I showed you a picture of his beautiful cock I'm gonna let you in on the action you're going to suck his cock for me and eat his cum for me if you ever want to get out of chastity this is the only way this marriage will work if you want to continue being my subbyhubby you're going to do exactly what I tell you Cameron replies yes . Mr Adams arrives and Alexis makes Her husband thank Mr. Adams for fucking her properly before you know it Cameron has a mouth full of cock slurping down his huge swollen slut stick as Alexis dangles the chastity key in front of his face for incentive that's right cucky, sucky, sucky before you know it Mr. Adams shoots a huge thick load of cum in his mouth

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