Cuck Boys Penis Extender

Category: female domination

Duration: 5:00

Goddess Alexis Grace has bought her subbyhubby a penis extender because of his tiny dick cause he always cums in 2 minutes. So she informs him from now on the only way he will be able to have sex with her is with this penis extender. After he is told to put it on Alexis proceeds to tease him by licking the extender. He cries out "but I can't feel anything." Goddess reminds him what his sole purpose in life is and it's to please her. Maybe now he can fill her like a real man and he won't pop his load in two seconds like a little pathetic cucky boy he is. SubbyHubby fucks her for about three minutes and as usual spills his man goo inside the penis extender. Laughing at him Ashley pulls it off and dumps his filth all over his face humiliating him and tells him "well at least that was two minutes longer than last time. We'll have to keep working on it. Now lick the filth off your face.

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