The Punishment of Slave 3411 (Megan Jones) MP4

Category: female domination

Duration: 23:00

Mistress Megan is a cruel woman. She drags a new slave out of his cage and shoves a black bag over his head. She bends the bitch over and begins caning his ass. Megan delivers stroke after stroke to the trembling slave's ass. Instant red and purple welts rise up. Megan shocks the slut's balls with an electronic device and shoves him to his knees. She enjoys the slave's fear, demanding that the kiss her boots. The slave scrambles to find Megan's boot but he cannot see. Megan lights back into his ass with her cane, smiling sadistically. She grabs the slave up and removes the bag and slaps him in the face, then she spits on her boot and demands that he lick it up. Megan laughs as she puts even more welts on the bitch's ass. Then she bends him over and pile drives his ass with her strap on. Megan pumps the slut full of her hard cock, shocking his balls at the same time. She is getting off on the slut's fear. Then she puts the black bag back on his head and throws him in his cage. The terrified bitch knows that his day has just begun. MEGAN IS AT HER MOST SADISTIC AS SHE IS UNSPEAKABLY CRUEL TO HER SLAVE.

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