Hook the Bitch MP4

Category: female domination

Duration: 7:00

Mistress Alexis is serious about her sexual satisfaction. She has asked Goddess Brianna to pull a bitch out of the stable to pleasure her. Brianna brings in a male bitch that has been fitted with a dildo gag. For extra measure she produces an anal hook and shoves it into the slut's ass. He is literally on the hook to get Mistress Alexis off. Brianna attaches a rope to the anal hook, threatening to hang the bitch by his ass if Alexis's cum isn't running down his throat. Allison face fucks the slut and then turns around, demanding the slut pleasure her while his nose is planted in her ass. Alexis is getting off on the bitch's humiliation as much as she is riding the dildo gag. When Alexis has drenched the slut's face with cum, Brianna returns him to his cage.

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